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Monday, June 23, 2014

Interview Question You Should Never Ask

12:15 AM

Here is one question for all the recruiters out here! How many of you have asked ‘What is your greatest weakness?’ to a candidate while interviewing him?

There would be many who would agree that they have asked this question to the candidates while interviewing them. If you are one among those, then can you simply tell how did that question helped you in deciding whether he is the right pick for the job vacancy or not?
Well, the truth is not just the candidates hate this question, but also it’s answer doesn’t lead to any fantastic insider about them.

Well, here are 2 main reasons for why you shouldn’t ask this question:

1.Sense of awareness might bring manipulation
In case, the candidate has a great level of self-awareness, and he knows what all are his weak points, then too his answer wouldn’t help you to judge whether it is the same candidate that you are looking for or not. Yes! With the high level of self-awareness, the level of smartness would also be high, and this broadens the chances of getting a manipulated answer. In simpler terms, chances are that either he would have worked upon his weaknesses and so he won’t have anything to answer, or with his sharp presence of mind, he would make sure that he gives a manipulative answer. So, again your purpose of peeping into the weaknesses of the candidate would fail.

2.The Candidate himself doesn’t know the answer
Most of the candidates themselves do not know about their weaknesses. In fact, according to one study, most people do not know what others think about them, they just believe or think about themselves as what they want to. This is one of the reasons for why they cannot figure out what’s missing in them, or what is there that they need to work upon. So, when they do not know the correct answer, they get fumble and give some vague reply, which won’t be helpful to you in any sense.

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